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Sunbirds, Light, and Prayer!

  • April 18, 2016
The male sunbirds of West Africa are amazing in the morning sunlight! In the shadows, they appear mostly black, but in the sun, their iridescent colors are stunningly beautiful. I’m thinking there’s a parallel here to challenge us. As we walk in the light of God’s Son, what is revealed to a watching world? Is it a beautiful spirit of kindness, or a dullness that does not attract? 2 Corinthians 5:9 says we should make it our aim to be pleasing to the Lord. If we do so, when His light reveals our “true colors”, it will be a good thing.
Today I have one specific item to ask you to bring before the Lord. First, thank you so very much for your prayers and giving for Magguie’s house! The plywood ceilings and the cement floor are almost far enough along to make it livable. Please pray that she will be able to move in by the end of next week. I’m asking for prayer for this because these final details are dragging on a bit. The Lord is able to put it all together so she is in her own place before paying May rent at the old place. When she’s all moved in, I’ll send a photo of the new place. Again, thank you for caring and for praying.
Have a good week, and may we reflect the Lord’s goodness to a watching world.
Sunbirds small 2016

Shining under dark clouds

  • March 25, 2016
This weekend is the most glorious & victorious of all celebrations! Yet it is a dark time for some, including our friends and colleagues from the North of Togo. This coming Saturday, March 26,there will be a memorial service in Michigan celebrating the life of our missionary brother, Todd DeKryger,  who left us for Heaven on January 26 after a brief illness. Todd’s Homegoing has touched us and no doubt countless other individuals very deeply.
I call the day before Easter Black Saturday, because I am unable to imagine the darkness and despair of the friends and family of our Lord Jesus after He died. Many of them were unable to grasp the significance of His promise that He would rise again. So Saturday had to have been exceedingly heavy and difficult for them. I’m thinking this very Saturday will be difficult in that kind of way for many. Yet Sunday is coming, and not just any Sunday—but Resurrection Sunday, the celebration of Jesus having conquered death by rising again after sacrificing His life for my sin and the sins of all the world, thereby bringing us the certainty of eternal life.
On a rare occasion, we get to see the morning sun peek out from beneath dark clouds before or after a storm. My prayer today is that from beneath dark clouds of loss and despair, the awesome victory of death’s defeat will shine forth as never before in the hearts of our dear ones. Thank you for praying along with us for them.  “Death is swallowed up in victory!” (1 Corinthians 15:54)  We must take courage in “the hope set before us:  Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast”, and that anchor is our certainty of life in Heaven, together, forever. (See Hebrews 6:13-19).
Have a blessed Easter!
Risen Sunrise xga

So thankful for new literature!

  • January 27, 2016

Pictured below is our CRC and Print Shop staff, amidst the many boxes of hymnals, French New Testaments, and French Gospel tracts that arrived a few days ago by sea container! We are all so thankful to you who provided $8,600 to pay for the 10,000 New Testaments and 450,000 tracts!! May the Lord bless you always for your prayers for our print/distribution ministry, and for your giving to help us keep going! Many thanks to the folks in Michigan who helped prepare all of these cartons (688) for shipping. 

CRC Ps thanks

Incredible . . . New Year’s Eve!

  • January 26, 2016

New Year’s Eve in Togo . . . For those of you following Magguie’s story, here’s a bit more.

I cannot begin to describe the joy of being in the Lord’s House last night, celebrating with Togolese brothers and sisters the end of the old year with its blessings and challenges, and the beginning of the New Year! The highlight was Magguie’s testimony in the front of the church. She and her daughter sang a song together, and Magguie requested the congregation sing Xle Wo Yayra (Count your Blessings), which they belted out with great gusto! Magguie stood up at the front of the church, leaning on her crutches and waving her arm in praise to the Lord as she sang for Him. I have some video clips . . . I’d love to include one here but our internet is a bit slow for that (understatement of 2016). But I’ll include a picture.

How can I help but be super-challenged, watching and listening to Magguie praise the Lord, counting her blessings, reading Lamentations 2:22-25 to us at church, when her foot is gone?? My heart still does a funny flip thing every time I see her and it registers in my mind that there is this blank space where her foot used to be. The Lord is awesome. He’s the only One who is truly awesome. Magguie has her ups and downs. This path is extremely difficult, to put it mildly. But she continues to refocus, bringing her thoughts back to God’s goodness in sparing her life. She knows there are multiple purposes for suffering and the Lord is already using her to encourage others around her.

Thank you so much—those who have asked about how to help us get Magguie’s house built so she can move out of her rental situation. I don’t yet know how much the Lord has provided through you, but I’ll keep you posted. Please keep praying for the Lord’s provision in a timely manner. (read: Please hurry, Heavenly Father, if it is Your will to do so!) Please pray for His will and timing regarding a prosthesis, and also for healing of an infection in her upper arm (insulin injection related).

On another subject, I’ll be in touch soon about the literature that just arrived on the container, as some of you were involved in giving and praying for this. For the moment, though, I’m thanking the Lord for this New Year, and am praying for Him to be consistently lifted up as you and I navigate our lives for His glory where we are.

magguie church

Building a House!

  • December 8, 2015

My dear friend and co-worker, Magguie, has worked as a translator in our literature center here in Togo for 18 years. In 2002, she discovered she was diabetic. The disease is taking a toll on her, and 12 days ago, she had to have her right foot amputated. We are all saddened by this but adjusting to the new situation. Magguie herself is continuing, through roller-coaster emotions, to focus on the Lord and His blessings in her life. She is a single mom (her husband abandoned her and her two daughters and has taken a wife elsewhere) and faces the challenges connected with this situation. Currently she rents a house, but started a number of weeks ago to build  on a piece of land she owns about 2.5 miles from her work place, which is our literature center here at the Bible Baptist Hospital in Tsiko, Togo. I’m thinking the house construction is now urgent, so I am trying to help her find the funds ($10,000 to $12,000) to complete what she has begun. If you are reading this blog post and want to help contribute towards this house, please email me at judybowen92@gmail.com and I’ll send you information on where to send a check. Please be in prayer for Magguie, as learning to live without a foot is a monumental challenge and not for the faint of heart!! She is a godly woman; prayer sustains her.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Magguie with her signature smile, which I took a couple of years ago as she was teaching teen girls at a local church.

Magguie teaching email

Churning Sea

  • November 7, 2015

A recent storm off the coast of West Africa yielded beautiful morning waves with the incoming tide. As I watched through my camera lens, the word “churning” came to mind. The waves were not long, rolling perfect curls, but were dramatically choppy. I’m thinking our hearts can get like that sometimes. For me today, it’s last evening’s revelation that I just spent $6,710 on Bibles and the wrong ones were delivered to us. How to fix that? And this morning, it’s our Togolese sister Magguie—over there in the hospital right now as I write this, getting her foot “worked on” by a surgeon, since it’s not yet healed properly from her toe amputation. Lots of thoughts and details and concerns. Yet committing these to the Lord, who can calm any storm, yields perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3).

Please do pray that Magguie’s foot infection will heal. And please join me in asking the Lord for the right Bibles for the money we have spent. We bring our supplications to Him, and He promises that when we do so with thanksgiving, we will have peace beyond all understanding (Philippians 4:6,7). He is the Prince of Peace! I’m praying for a number of people experiencing physical pain, both Togolese and Americans. No doubt you have people in your life you are praying for too. Give Him your burdens; He will sustain you (Psalm 55:22)!
Lome Churning Sea xga


  • October 12, 2015
I am so thankful for your prayers over the past couple of weeks. Thank you for believing in the power of prayer!
Saying goodbye to my parents and sister & brother-in-law never gets easier. It is as hard for them as it is for me. I am so thankful we love each other enough to hurt when separated. That is a blessing in itself. Jesus told us we are to love Him more than our family (Luke 14:26). That is not an easy saying of His, but He gives us grace to follow where He leads.
I arrived in Togo on September 30 after flying into Accra, Ghana. I did some unpacking at the house, then headed North to Mango on October 5 to visit friends, see the new hospital ministry, and take pictures. Now I’m in the capital city of Lome down on the coast for the purpose of buying books for the CRC, as well as buying groceries. No dull moments so far!
I want to thank the Lord for providing 100% of the funds needed for French New Testaments and French Gospel tracts! God is faithful to help us distribute His Word and share His Gospel.
I would like to ask you to pray for physical healing for our literature translator, Magguie. Many of you know of this faithful and joyful servant who has worked in our ministry for a number of years. Suffering the advanced effects of diabetes, Magguie has just had her right big toe amputated. This will require adjustment for her on multiple levels, and complete healing will prevent her from having to have more of her foot removed. I was traveling when she had the surgery, but I’ve spoken with her by phone and she says she is doing well in every way. Thank the Lord for His peace in her heart!
I will stay in touch as I can. Internet in Togo comes and goes for various reasons. Currently it seems that the phone company has gone bankrupt, so we do not know what the solution will be for reliable communication. Please pray with us about this situation, because our work in Togo, no matter what it is, benefits from being able to communicate/do research by internet . . . not to speak of the blessing of being able to stay in touch with family, friends, and those who support us in various ways!
Hello from Magguie

One thing hummingbirds can’t do

  • September 21, 2015

This morning’s hummingbirds were constantly dogged by a pair of bees as they tried to drink from the feeder. Every time the little birds perched, the bees dive-bombed them, and they fled, flitting here and there with stunning agility, trying to stop to grab some nectar.  I feel sort of like the hummer—eight days left until departure for Togo— and the bees are like constantly invading thoughts, keeping my mind hopping. One thing the hummer can’t do that I CAN do is what the Psalmist said in Psalm 46:1: “Be still, and know that I am God.” I can rest in Him, and trust him to order my thinking and quiet my spirit as I pack and do all that needs to be done before heading back to Togo. I love Psalm 27:14, where I am told to wait on the Lord and be of good courage, and when I do, He will strengthen my heart. 

My good friend Sharon is also headed to Togo the same day I am. When you pray for me and my family, please pray for her as well. It’s incredibly hard to leave our loved ones behind; it’s equally hard for them to see us go. The Lord knows and understands. At the same time, we anticipate rejoining the work in Togo; there’s much to do out there! 

Thank you for praying for our purchase of French Tracts and New Testaments! Just today the Lord provided a promise for the rest of the funding. He is faithful! This literature, along with many other materials and supplies have been ordered to a container location in Michigan. Please be in prayer along with me that all will arrive safely in Togo in November or December. Prayer would be much appreciated for my fellow missionaries John and Betty Teusink, who are organizing this container—it’s a huge job! 

While I’m asking you to pray, would you please lift up Bill Ivester, the husband of my friend & colleague Vicki? Bill and Vicki worked in Togo for a number of years in maintenance and literature ministry. Bill is facing evaluation for back surgery the first week of October, and is dealing with some other health needs. 

Thank you for caring and for praying! 
wait hummer xga

From the beach back to reality!

  • September 4, 2015
My sister and I recently had the privilege of visiting Panama City Beach, FL for a couple of nights! It was so beautiful! What a special treat to get to use a friend’s lovely beach home, only a stone’s throw from the ocean.  On the way back home, we were in a (relatively minor) rear-ending collision. This scenario reminded me of Matthew 17—you should read it and note that Jesus and His closest disciples had a most amazing, indescribable “mountain top experience” but immediately after that, they came down the mountain, met crowds of people (what a way to shatter the peace of the intimate setting on the mountain!), healed a man’s son, and paid their taxes. Hmmm . . . sort of like two days and two nights on a beautiful, white, sandy beach with its emerald water and lazy waves . . .  to standing outside in the rain responding to a policeman’s questions while gazing with a dazed expression at your car’s bumper, which happens to be stuck on the other car . . . ! We are thankful to be safe; The other car’s occupants were fine; the $3,800 worth of damage is already repaired.
I want to thank those of you who gave so generously for French New Testaments and French Gospel tracts for Togo. I am always humbled as God’s people give so His Word can be shared! Our ministry has received $5,100.00 for this need, and we’ve been promised $500 more. Under $2,000 remains, and I am confident the Lord will take care of the rest in His way and in His time. Please email me if you are interested in joining those who have already helped.
I appreciate you for praying for my vein procedure; it will take several more treatments after I get to Togo. Thankfully a vascular surgeon will be there at the end of November to continue the process.
Only 23 days remain until I return to Togo, and once again my family and I anticipate saying goodbye. Please pray for grace and peace for us, as this is never easy, and indeed, it only gets harder. Also please pray for wisdom as I order books, Bibles, tracts, paper, and supplies for our work in Togo. The container ships in November. Pray for wisdom and logistics of purchasing $6650 worth of large print Ewe Bibles. The Bible Society of Togo does not seem to want to make these available, so we are doing it the hard way and making the purchase in Ghana. The Lord will bless His Word and it is certainly worthwhile to “jump through hoops” to make the large print edition available to the many individuals who need it.
Here’s the beach:
Incredible Beach

Is anything too hard for the Lord?

  • August 18, 2015
I am so thankful for your prayers throughout my travels over the past few months. Thank you for caring, and for believing in our prayer-hearing, prayer-answering God. I have had an amazing time reporting in churches, working at camp, visiting with my family, visiting with friends, and just enjoying being in America.
I’ll admit . . . my heart struggles because I am so patriotic and thankful for my country, and yet we all share burdens for the direction our homeland is taking.
Can the Lord revive our nation?
Here is the most epic rhetorical question of all time, asked by God Himself:  “Is there anything too hard for Me?” ( Jeremiah 32:27)
He can and does answer on behalf of just one person. I am witness to it at this moment!! You have prayed for funds for New Testaments and tracts; you have prayed for safety for me as I have been traveling; you have prayed for health needs of my dad.  Of the approximately $9,000 needed for the printed materials I asked you to pray for, more than half has been given. Over thousands of miles of travel, the Lord has granted safety. He has enabled me to communicate His work in churches. My dad is recovering well from his surgery.  I am humbled by His grace and thrilled that He answers prayer in His way and in His time.
Can He revive America? “Is the Lord’s hand shortened, that it cannot save?”  (Isaiah 59:1?)
I was in Washington DC just three weeks ago. At the Washington Monument, I lay flat on the ground to capture the photo below. You can see the flags are flying at half mast in memory of our five fallen soldiers who were slain in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where I am currently.
Pray for our country! Let the evidence of The Word answer the question: “Is there anything too hard for the Lord?” (Genesis 18:14)
Please continue to pray for the rest of the funding for tracts and New Testaments for Togo. Ask the Lord to see us through the remaining weeks in the States, as I spend time with my sister, visit one more church, visit Answers in Genesis, get my leg veins repaired (Sept 2),  and do all that needs to be done before leaving for Togo. I have my ticket for September 28. Pray for grace and peace for my parents in Maine, and for all of the family as we anticipate parting once again.
Flag verse email