Prayer Updates

Audio Scriptures and From the Chair to the Car and Back

  • April 27, 2019

Dear Friends,

There is no book I love more than the Word of God! I thank Him so often for giving us this incredible guide book to show us the way of salvation and help us through life! We are finally preparing to record the Old Testament portion of the Ewe (pronounced “evay”) Bible, and we are really excited about this. It’s been many years in the making, but it looks like now is the time. We would surely appreciate your prayers, and I’ll keep you updated as we go. The man that is going to read the Scriptures is named Divine. He has significant back pain. We don’t know if we’ll need a second reader to help, or if Divine will be able to do the whole Old Testament. We have known Divine for many years, as he was employed at our hospital since it opened, all the way until his recent retirement. He has recorded with us before.  Edouard has worked with us in printing, graphic design, and media for 19 years. Please pray with us for the success of this important project.
Divine                                                                                     Divine
On another subject, I cannot tell how amazed and glad I was this morning when I went to get Magguie for her checkup and witnessed her getting into the car with almost no help!! Wow, praise the Lord for helping her to get stronger! She wore her prosthesis and was able to support her weight on it to navigate into her wheelchair, then into the car, then from the car to the hospital wheel chair, then back into the car, and finally home again. Hopefully in just a few weeks, she’ll be ready for her second prosthesis. Please be praying for much wisdom as we approach this point in the process of her healing. Thank the Lord with me for her strong spirit and ready smile . . . He has answered prayer on so many levels. He is awesome!
Magguie and her granddaughter Jasmine
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Cheryl (CRC/Print Shop & finances; Audio/Visual Ministry), Ama (Bookstore receptionist), Judy, and Magguie
C A M J sm