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Talking about the weather

  • February 22, 2018
It’s hot & humid in Togo. Two days ago we were blessed with rain and . . . ICE . . . as little hailstones fell, bouncing as they hit the brown grass. In Maine, where my parents are, there’s a load of snow, and record warm temperatures are expected for today. Where my sister and her husband live in Tennessee, Spring has Sprung, and they are hoping very much the new buds on flowering trees don’t freeze if the temperature drops.
The weather changes all the time. But here’s a really neat thought.  Last year I received this fantastic birthday card from one of my supporting churches (White Rock Baptist in Gorham, Maine). It says:
The Forecast for your Birthday
God will reign
The Son will Shine
That means you have a 100% chance of being blessed! 
Now THAT is a GREAT forecast—not only for a birthday, but for every day! I love it! I’m sending it to you on a photo as a gift. Enjoy it and e-mail it on to whoever will be encouraged by it.
I want to thank you so much for your faithful prayers for me, for the ministries in Togo, and for my sweet family in the States. My dad suffered a small stroke a few weeks ago and is recovering. He seems to get around fairly well as his knee heals from surgery. My mom is wonderful at helping him in so many ways. I’m thankful for my parents. Here in Togo, Magguie continues to heal bit by bit from her stroke; she has good use of her limbs and her speech is less labored than it was. She is back to work here at the office. Additionally, one of our pastors has suffered a stroke and is recovering at home. Please continue to pray for these dear ones as the Lord brings them to mind.
I would appreciate your prayers for the ministry of literacy here in Togo. So many people cannot read the Word of God for themselves. Our prayer is that the Lord would send someone to work with this important ministry! A Togolese pastor, Alaza, is doing quite a job training literacy teachers, and a good number of people have learned to read. But without oversight and fund raising, literacy ministry limps along slowly. If you have an interest in investing in this ministry, please email me for more information.
Thank you again for your continued prayers. Sometimes the words “thank you” seem so inadequate. May the Lord bless you for your faithfulness to Him as you pray, and may you be encouraged by the “forecast” for your day!
Photo taken in a Connecticut sunflower field, August 2017
Sunflower forecast xga