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Flambouyant Trees Command Attention

  • April 28, 2016

Last night’s rain made for some great macro & water drop images, one of which is seen here as a detail of a Flambouyant blossom.

showers xga

Here in West Africa, these trees are currently the outstanding landscape feature. Even the most hardened “non- flower-noticer” stops in his tracks when he sees these explosive red-covered trees. The FTD Florists use the slogan “Say it with Flowers.” I believe our Creator is “saying it” loud and clear with these trees . . . He gave us color and beauty, even after The Fall in the Garden of Eden . . . because He loves us. One of these lovely trees graces the yard where I live, pictured here. I’m thankful to be able to enjoy such beauty so close by!

flame tree houseflame tree

Sunbirds, Light, and Prayer!

  • April 18, 2016
The male sunbirds of West Africa are amazing in the morning sunlight! In the shadows, they appear mostly black, but in the sun, their iridescent colors are stunningly beautiful. I’m thinking there’s a parallel here to challenge us. As we walk in the light of God’s Son, what is revealed to a watching world? Is it a beautiful spirit of kindness, or a dullness that does not attract? 2 Corinthians 5:9 says we should make it our aim to be pleasing to the Lord. If we do so, when His light reveals our “true colors”, it will be a good thing.
Today I have one specific item to ask you to bring before the Lord. First, thank you so very much for your prayers and giving for Magguie’s house! The plywood ceilings and the cement floor are almost far enough along to make it livable. Please pray that she will be able to move in by the end of next week. I’m asking for prayer for this because these final details are dragging on a bit. The Lord is able to put it all together so she is in her own place before paying May rent at the old place. When she’s all moved in, I’ll send a photo of the new place. Again, thank you for caring and for praying.
Have a good week, and may we reflect the Lord’s goodness to a watching world.
Sunbirds small 2016