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Grief and Gladness

  • June 30, 2015
On the way to Northern Maine on Saturday, I was listening to the song Jesus Paid it All . . .  and I was overcome to the point of tears with amazement and gratitude that He saves lost souls and forgives His children when they are in need of His mercy. Then I got to considering His incomprehensible love for all of mankind, and I was grief-stricken by our nation’s official vote to turn her back on Him. This has been long coming, I know . . . but somehow making it “legal” to permit that which God despises feels like a literal slamming of a door in His holy face.  So I drove the car and cried. It’s safe to cry and drive on the way to Northern Maine; there’s not much traffic and the road is pretty straight. I listened to sacred music and prayed for our country and for many other needs. After a while I began to notice wildflowers by the thousands along the sides of the road (it’s still spring up here!), and finally I came to a familiar overlook. I pulled the car off and was treated to a gorgeous view of Mt. Katahdin, a lake, trees, wildflowers . . . and the Lord sweetly reminded me that He has not changed! This is at once disconcerting and comforting. He is still holy; sin is still sin; judgement still awaits. At the same time, He is still mighty to save; He can still move mountains; His presence is still real; He is still Immanuel, God with us; He is still the Creator; He is still my Shepherd.
May His steadfast immutability both challenge and comfort you today.
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The Lord is Mighty!

  • June 23, 2015

Coastal regions of our world are absolutely awe-inspiring! I love it that I get to spend part of my furlough in the beautiful state of Maine, whose rock-bound coast attracts visitors from all over. My mom and sister and I enjoyed a picnic last week at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth,  and the best part was walking on the rocks, watching the ocean and the sky and admiring our great Creator’s handiwork. Even when the waves are small at low tide, the rocks add to the drama with the lovely sound of waves crashing and the sight of beautiful plumes of water. Whenever I am at the oceanside, I sense the bigness of God, and my smallness . . . and I am awestruck by His presence and power.  I think of His might, and I know He is able to do anything (Ephesians 3:20,21).

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