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A Special Day!

  • July 10, 2014

Yesterday morning, July 7, 2014, the CRC and Print Shop staff prayed together inside our new studio & audio visual office! The two remodeled rooms are part of a small building right across the driveway from the CRC. This space dedicated to the audio-visual ministry should help our team make more progress in preparing projects for distribution. Since we started our A/V ministry, the team has been working in the CRC & Print Shop, and the conflict of work schedules and lack of space was impeding progress. Our new work area will lend quiet and privacy so the team can work more productively. The studio part will be used for recording scriptures, Bible messages, and perhaps even small group music.

I’m excited and thankful about the work space because I am convinced all the way down to my toes that we MUST record scriptures, edifying music, Bible stories for kids, etc . . . We can never underestimate the effect of these materials, especially in a culture where many people cannot read. For those that do read, we have great materials available. But for those who don’t, we are making progress. Of course, audio visual materials are not just for those who don’t read. Personally, I am listening to the audio Bible this year for my devotional time—all the way through the Old Testament, and twice through the New Testament. The effect is amazing! The words I hear are staying with me, and the wonderful expressiveness of Alexander Scourby is making the Word come alive! All of that to say this: the AV ministry in Togo is for all who want to see and hear the Word of God, as well as good music, seminars, stories, etc.
There is so much I could say here. But for the moment I’ll leave you with two pictures. The first is of a man I met in our hospital as I was taking pictures for the nursing school. He was holding one of the hospital’s bedside speakers, listening to God’s Word in Ewe (pronounced “evay”). He let me take his picture and went right back to listening intently.

Speaker small

And here is a photo of Edouard, the head of our AV team, in the new studio office:

Studio Small


I’m thankful for all who have been praying for our A/V ministry. Please continue to do so! Pray that we will soon finish all of our projects in progress so we can tackle some of the new ideas coming our way.
Thank you for partnering with our ministries through prayer! The Lord is at work and we are humbled and thankful to be involved.