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Where He leads me, I will follow . . .

  • October 16, 2013

. . . and what He feeds me, I will swallow!”

—-Quoted by missionaries and baby birds all over the world!

Oftentimes a trip to the capital city of Lome necessitates one or more overnights, and last weekend was no exception.   At breakfast time on Monday morning, it was sure fun to get to watch a variety of birds coming and going and flitting around a nearby tree. In particular, this family of sunbirds was quite amusing. Dad was there showing off his beautiful colors, while a pair of fledglings tried out their new wings. Mom was hunting and sharing her great catches with the babies, and I caught at least part of the fun with the camera. I was surprised, as I looked at the photos later,to see that the mom had actually caught a fairly large jumping spider, and she fed it to one of the young birds–I saw her do it. I sure wish I’d caught the image of the feeding, but they were partially obscured by leaves. Mom Sunbird is pictured to the right with her prey. I’m sure it provided just the right nourishment for the fledgling, seen on the left. The image on the lower right is Dad.

I’m thankful today for the Lord’s care for birds, and for us!

Have a great day.

Thankful for you,

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