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One thing hummingbirds can’t do

  • September 21, 2015

This morning’s hummingbirds were constantly dogged by a pair of bees as they tried to drink from the feeder. Every time the little birds perched, the bees dive-bombed them, and they fled, flitting here and there with stunning agility, trying to stop to grab some nectar.  I feel sort of like the hummer—eight days left until departure for Togo— and the bees are like constantly invading thoughts, keeping my mind hopping. One thing the hummer can’t do that I CAN do is what the Psalmist said in Psalm 46:1: “Be still, and know that I am God.” I can rest in Him, and trust him to order my thinking and quiet my spirit as I pack and do all that needs to be done before heading back to Togo. I love Psalm 27:14, where I am told to wait on the Lord and be of good courage, and when I do, He will strengthen my heart. 

My good friend Sharon is also headed to Togo the same day I am. When you pray for me and my family, please pray for her as well. It’s incredibly hard to leave our loved ones behind; it’s equally hard for them to see us go. The Lord knows and understands. At the same time, we anticipate rejoining the work in Togo; there’s much to do out there! 

Thank you for praying for our purchase of French Tracts and New Testaments! Just today the Lord provided a promise for the rest of the funding. He is faithful! This literature, along with many other materials and supplies have been ordered to a container location in Michigan. Please be in prayer along with me that all will arrive safely in Togo in November or December. Prayer would be much appreciated for my fellow missionaries John and Betty Teusink, who are organizing this container—it’s a huge job! 

While I’m asking you to pray, would you please lift up Bill Ivester, the husband of my friend & colleague Vicki? Bill and Vicki worked in Togo for a number of years in maintenance and literature ministry. Bill is facing evaluation for back surgery the first week of October, and is dealing with some other health needs. 

Thank you for caring and for praying! 
wait hummer xga

From the beach back to reality!

  • September 4, 2015
My sister and I recently had the privilege of visiting Panama City Beach, FL for a couple of nights! It was so beautiful! What a special treat to get to use a friend’s lovely beach home, only a stone’s throw from the ocean.  On the way back home, we were in a (relatively minor) rear-ending collision. This scenario reminded me of Matthew 17—you should read it and note that Jesus and His closest disciples had a most amazing, indescribable “mountain top experience” but immediately after that, they came down the mountain, met crowds of people (what a way to shatter the peace of the intimate setting on the mountain!), healed a man’s son, and paid their taxes. Hmmm . . . sort of like two days and two nights on a beautiful, white, sandy beach with its emerald water and lazy waves . . .  to standing outside in the rain responding to a policeman’s questions while gazing with a dazed expression at your car’s bumper, which happens to be stuck on the other car . . . ! We are thankful to be safe; The other car’s occupants were fine; the $3,800 worth of damage is already repaired.
I want to thank those of you who gave so generously for French New Testaments and French Gospel tracts for Togo. I am always humbled as God’s people give so His Word can be shared! Our ministry has received $5,100.00 for this need, and we’ve been promised $500 more. Under $2,000 remains, and I am confident the Lord will take care of the rest in His way and in His time. Please email me if you are interested in joining those who have already helped.
I appreciate you for praying for my vein procedure; it will take several more treatments after I get to Togo. Thankfully a vascular surgeon will be there at the end of November to continue the process.
Only 23 days remain until I return to Togo, and once again my family and I anticipate saying goodbye. Please pray for grace and peace for us, as this is never easy, and indeed, it only gets harder. Also please pray for wisdom as I order books, Bibles, tracts, paper, and supplies for our work in Togo. The container ships in November. Pray for wisdom and logistics of purchasing $6650 worth of large print Ewe Bibles. The Bible Society of Togo does not seem to want to make these available, so we are doing it the hard way and making the purchase in Ghana. The Lord will bless His Word and it is certainly worthwhile to “jump through hoops” to make the large print edition available to the many individuals who need it.
Here’s the beach:
Incredible Beach