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“When crowded thoughts agitate”

  • March 30, 2015

Here’s an example of what can go on in your mind when you are days from leaving your mission country for furlough in the USA: “Need to finish packing away things in the house so it can be used while I’m gone.  Need to get a transformer working at the CRC so our staff can copy micro-SD cards for people needing the mobile phone version of the Jesus Video and Scriptures in their language. Need to check insurance dates on ministry vehicles. Need to get over to the hospital to visit a sick friend. Need to check my list of things to take back to America. Need to finish writing my list of stuff to haul back here in a few months.  Need to get a system board changed in one of the office computers. Need to take care of bills for home and work. Need to call some friends recovering at home. Need to get the suitcases down from the closet for the trip to the States. Need to vacuum & dust the office. Need to remember how easy this all is compared to a missionary mom getting ready to move a whole family to America for furlough. Need to . . . . ”

Need to stop and refocus. In the French Bible in Psalm 94:19, the Psalmist acknowledges the Lord’s care: “When crowded thoughts agitate inside me, Your consolations are my delight.” How sweet is that?  And Proverbs 16:3 has been running through my mind repeatedly:  “Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts will be established.”   Thank you, Lord, that you are always with me, guiding and delighting and being faithful!
I appreciate your prayers as I prepare for the second half of furlough at the end of this term that has stretched over five years. I look forward to sharing in the rest of my supporting churches all the Lord is doing in Togo. I’m excited about seeing my family and spending time with them! I am scheduled to leave Togo for Ghana on April 6, with a flight to London on April 7 and on to Atlanta April 8. I will have a nine-hour layover at Heathrow Airport . . . plenty of time to drink coffee and wander about like a zombie. By April 9 I should be safely at my sister’s home in Harrison, TN.  Thank you for praying for safety for me as I travel and for her as she comes to get me. I’ll email you with my travel schedule once it’s arranged. It’s getting there.
Need to go outside and smell the plumeria flowers!
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The one place on Earth . . .

  • March 4, 2015


I could never have imagined on Monday, March 2, 2015, that I would be saying “The one place on Earth I want to be at this moment is right here, witnessing the opening of of this new hospital!” I cannot begin to communicate to you the absolute thrill and wonder of of this day in Mango, Togo, West Africa. It was hot, dry, dusty . . . and people came by the scores to get medical help at the newly opened Hospital of Hope. I have tried to mentally put myself in the place of a sick individual, making my way to a new hospital in my town. I’m feeling unspeakably lousy but the local hospital has not helped me at all. Maybe this new hospital will be able to help me feel better! And so I make my way there, and I’m one of hundreds . . .  but I’m there early enough that I get to have a medical consultation on Day One. I get to buy some medicine from the pharmacy on the new campus, and soon I will feel better . . . .
Having needed medical care from time to time at our southern hospital where I live and work, I’ve so often thanked the Lord that medical help is nearby.  As I’ve lived and worked here for many years (our print shop & bookstore are located on the southern hospital campus), I’ve seen people come and go from all over Togo, Ghana, Benin . . .  and I know it takes forever to get here. The drive from Mango is 11 hours on bad roads. If you’re sick or have a broken bone, it’s an awful long way.
So today I am praising the Lord for the now open and functioning hospital in the North of Togo. I photographed the opening day . . . the first patients, first adult admissions, first consultations, first x-rays, first surgeries, first pediatric admissions . . . . And I listened and smiled as one man said to me, “You have brought life to Mango! We thank God!” He said it over and over, so I videoed him saying it. He concisely expressed the sentiment of the town.
God is at work all over Togo and West Africa. As a missionary whose focus is literature and media, I can’t wait to see the gospel move out in printed and audio formats through this newly opened hospital in the strategic location of Mango, Togo!!
Praise the Lord with me for His awesome work in Togo! PRAY for both hospitals! Both need doctors. The southern hospital needs full time maintenance personnel.  The Lord knows the many needs, which are now doubled as we now have two medical ministries in Togo.
We are having a lot of internet problems in Togo these days. Apparently “they are working on it.”  I’m going to try to send you several photos in a compact format. The pictures have more impact if you can view them one at a time, but I will have trouble getting them out that way.
I’m sending two emails of pictures of Opening Day at the Hospital of Hope in Mango. I hope they inspire you in two ways. One, rejoice with the people in Northern Togo and the surrounding region who desperately need this hospital, and pray for the staff, as the work can and will be overwhelming. Pray for “the Gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation” to begin touching lives in this region.
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