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Frogs & Battles

  • October 3, 2014
The end of West Africa’s rainy season approaches, and we are sad to see it go, because with much sunshine comes much heat. The rains of September have been heavy enough to make puddles where there usually are not any, and in the puddles, there are frogs . . . except I can’t find them. I stared at a puddle for what must have been 10 minutes yesterday and could not find the frog that would croak there when I was not close! However, this past Saturday I did see this cute little reed frog (pictured below) resting on a tall strand of grass. He was wonderfully indulging as I photographed him in several poses. We’ve wondered over the past few weeks what the Egyptian plague of frogs must have been like, and have been thankful they are outside croaking and not in our houses!
So, back to the title of this email, what in the world do frogs and battles have in common? In my mind today, this one thing: our awesome Creator, who made this tiny frog all the way down to his cute little sticky toes, is completely aware of and in control of the conflicts going on in our world, inside us, and in the ministries to which He has called us.
Just this morning I was listening to 1 Chronicles, and a jewel of a verse stood out to me. Here it is, translated from the French Bible:

“During the battle, they cried unto the Lord, and He answered them, because they had confidence in Him.”

When you can, stop and read 1 Chronicles 5:18-20 for the recounting of this one of many battles fought by the children of Israel.

What are the battles you are encountering today? Is it in your family life? Is it fear of disease or terrorist attack? Is it problems in your church? Is it something deep in your heart that only the Lord knows? Is it a combination of these?  Here in Togo, it certainly could be any or all of these. All we have to do is look around us or check out the news headlines. Yet we see repeatedly in scripture that we can cry out to the Lord in confidence, and He will answer our prayer in His way. May the Lord of all things, both big and small, give you courage and joy today!
Little frog email