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Settled back in Togo!

  • August 27, 2014

Dear Friends,

Many of you responded to my update from the States, assuring me of your prayers for me & our family. Thank you for caring, and for praying. My dad, mom, sister, and I were so thankful for times of fellowship as our dad was recovering from hernia surgery. Both of our parents are feeling somewhat better these days. My sister is back at work in Tennessee, and I’m at my office in Togo.
Currently I’m catching up on accounting from our bookstore and putting away supplies that arrived recently on sea containers.   I cannot begin to adequately express my thanks to those of you who pray on a regular basis for our literature and audio visual ministries, and for me.
Not to make too much of the weather . . . but it does bring along not only great photo opportunities, and it gives cause for meditation on and fellowship with our awesome Creator. Most weather seems to have its positive and negative sides, for rare is the “perfect” day, except if you live in Southern California! 🙂  It’s the rainy season here. We and our Togolese brothers and sisters are praying for “the perfect amount” of rain for Togo’s crops—so the beans and rice can be planted and grow well, but not too much to make the bean crop die off. The Lord is the only One who knows how it’s going to be, so our trust must be in Him alone. That’s how we encourage our brothers and sisters . . . it’s in the Lord’s hands. He knows how much rain to send, and when.
I love the rainy season here! Not only does it feel so much cooler, but fog and drizzle, while seeming somewhat dreary, are a nature photographer’s delight because hidden treasures are revealed in the quiet, obscure dampness. Such a morning provides a good opportunity to think, pray, look around, and find wonders not seen on bright, sunny days. Here’s an image from this week. It’s a good reminder that the Lord’s hand is ever present on a dreary day as well as on a bright one.
Have a great day!
Rain and web xga

  • August 2, 2014
I’m writing from the state of Maine! I know—what a surprise! I didn’t know I was coming to the States until about 10 days before I left Togo. I’m here for a total of three and a half weeks, and the time seems to be passing way too quickly! I am scheduled to return to Togo in twelve days.
What precipitated this visit was my dad needing surgery, and my mom experiencing a fall. Both situations have turned out well, but it really seemed like a good time to join my sister, who had planned back in May to drive from her home in Tennessee to our parents’ home in Maine this month. After these health issues came up, we both began to pray for wisdom about me coming over. I asked the Lord to show me clearly if the idea was from Him. He graciously made it evident that I should indeed pursue this visit.
My sister and I are so thankful for our parents! It has been so good to be together for a few days as our dad recovers from his surgery. And how thankful we are that our mom did not suffer severe injury when she was outside exercising her dogs and experienced a fall. Her affected ankle is almost completely healed. While we did not have a lot of time to anticipate being together, we have been thankful for this time.
Back in Togo, things seem to be going well. I’ve heard from our CRC/Print Shop staff and look forward to rejoining them.  The audio team is working on recording church choir music live on Sunday mornings; the print shop has had a number of projects on the presses, and the translation team is continuing steady.
Thank you for your prayers for our Togo ministries. I’ll update you when I back there. In the meantime, please pray for a rapid recovery for my dad, and for strength for my mom as she helps him on a daily basis. Also, please pray for my sister, as she works hard as a NICU nurse and stays in close contact with our parents from her home in Tennessee.

P.S. Some of you are asking about the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. So far, the virus is centered in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, all on the far Western coast. Please be in prayer that this virus will be contained, and pray for the affected families that have lost their loved ones. As of right now, there are no known cases in Togo or the immediate surrounding countries, though we are keeping ourselves informed of the situation.

Image: Rockbound coast of Maine, July 2014

rock flowers xga