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How big is the storm?

  • March 4, 2014

Storms are an incredibly interesting aspect of weather. Sometimes they are exhilarating, and sometimes they are downright frightening.  I think of my sister crouching in her downstairs walk-in closet with her dog as a tornado roared through the neighborhood two years ago, destroying most of the area’s trees and many homes, but thankfully leaving her and her husband’s house mostly undamaged. I’m sure she wondered how long it was going to take for the tornado to pass. Sometimes here in Togo, a storm blows through with a force that makes me ask the Lord right out loud to please make it pass quickly! At other times, a storm out here may be on the mild side, bringing refreshing coolness and often dropping the temperature by twenty degrees within minutes. One thing is for sure: when we are in the midst of a storm, we cannot tell how big it is or how long it will last. The Lord, on the other hand, sees it all, and He controls it. I like this perspective:

“The Lord hath His way in the . . . storm, and the clouds are the dust of His feet.”  Nahum 1:3. He is indeed bigger than any storm.

What a wonderful comforting spiritual parallel as we go through life’s storms. Jesus was calm enough to be able to sleep through a violent storm, even though He and His disciples were in a boat that was lurching through giant waves and threatening to capsize. With a three-word command from Lord of Creation, “Peace, be still,” the storm went flat. How beautiful to realize that He is with us in every storm; He knows when it will pass, and he is able to calm it in His timing.

While we were traveling between camps in Botswana in December, one mode of transportation was a single-engine airplane. Since it was the rainy season in the area, we had some wonderful views of weather activity. We even flew between two storms, and could see them both!! Thankfully there was not much turbulence, as these were not violent storms. But I found it quite amazing to experience this point of view. Perhaps those living in flat regions get to see this phenomenon fairly often, but for those of us who have always lived where there are no plains, it’s fascinating to behold!  Here are four of the images from that particular flight, which serve as a reminder to me that God’s view is in BOTH places. He sees outside the storm–the size of it and when it will pass and in which direction, and He dwells with us, His children, as we are in the midst of the storm, not knowing anything except that we are in it, and that He will care for us.

Whether you experiencing calm peace right now,  or are in the midst of a turbulent, stormy time, may the Lord fill you with peace in the awareness of His awesome presence.

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