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New year, new book, new computers!

  • January 11, 2014

It’s January 10, 2014, and I hope your new year is off to a great start. All is well here in Togo, and I thank the Lord so much for His faithfulness throughout 2013. Since He does not change, He will remain faithful throughout this year, and the next, and the next . . . and may we walk closely with Him so as to remain aware of His steadfast love and grace.

You know I love taking nature photos of all kinds. Obviously, the reason I am in Togo, though, is for its people, that I may do the work the Lord has given me to do so the gospel can be shared through literature, audio visual ministry, community health evangelism, etc.

Since the Lord has given me such joy in sharing His wonderful creations through nature photography, He has now led me to write and photographically illustrate a small book in French, specifically for West Africa. I’m excited about the project–the first one I’ve done for the people among whom I live and work. One of the reasons I’ve hesitated to produce a book for Togo is the cost of the project, and the need to have to charge enough to cover the cost production. Having to charge too high a price would obviously limit distribution.  The Lord has provided two people who are interested in helping subsidize this project, and that has motivated me to get it done, because I know I can make it available for an affordable price.

The little book is entitled DO YOU KNOW GOD THINKS ABOUT YOU?  The Lord Jesus used nature illustrations to remind us of His care for us.  The basic premise of the book is that since He feeds the birds and clothes the “grass of the field,” He will surely take care of you. The hairs of your head are numbered; even your steps are counted (see Job 14:16). The book includes pictures of kids, birds, flowers, scenes, colorful insects, etc — all local images. The goal is for children as well as their parents to realize that God cares about them, and  they can know Him.  Please pray as I finish up this little book and send it off to be printed. I’m certain the Lord is leading in this, and He will answer as we pray for the final details, which seem to be the hardest–editing the French, tweaking the photos, and making sure everything is just right.

As you pray for the work in Togo, please keep the audio/visual ministry before the Lord, as we continue to seek His wisdom to develop a thriving work that will benefit many.

Also, please pray for our friend and translator, Magguie, who had quite a health scare last week with an extremely elevated glucose level and high blood pressure. We thank the Lord so much for sending a friend along to visit her right at the time of crisis, so she could be brought to the hospital for care.

Thank you for praying about the computer questions at the CRC! I am in the midst of setting up one of two new computers now. We are thankful for funding that the CRC had available to purchase these. Now we will need the Lord’s wisdom for working with new operating systems and some older software and documents (tribal language projects) that might not be supported. I believe there are potential solutions, and with the Lord’s help, we’ll have things up and running and be able to move into the future as well as keep existing projects workable.

It’s 96 degrees in the shade in Togo, so those of you in the frozen USA might think about taking your next winter vacation in West Africa!

Cute little guy “hanging out” in the hospital while his mom was assisting a relative who was an inpatient.

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