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  • August 23, 2013

Today we awakened to a beautiful foggy morning, and the obscurity actually revealed hidden treasures to my sister and my mom and I. As we began to look around, we saw many amazing spider webs, hanging like jewels. They were in the trees, on the porch railing, in the grass, and in the flowers. As my sister and I took our morning walk, we saw them hanging on mailboxes, on road signs, and on porch furniture. The webs, in reality, are out there every day, but the fog clinging to them revealed them so we could see them easily, and could revel in the beauty they afforded our surroundings.

Here is a detail from one such web we found on a mailbox:
Revealed email

I like to think of the morning fog as a revealer of hidden beauty. It’s like the Word of God, in a sense, which constantly and for different reasons reveals beauties never before seen by us, even though we’ve been familiar with it for so many years. For example, I saw this verse for the very first time as I was reading through the book of Job–a book I have read through a number of times: “Doth not he see my ways, and count all my steps?” (Job 31:4) The Lord counts my steps!! He knows all about me and my day, and what concerns me.

I’m thanking the Lord for today’s gift of the morning fog; it allowed our family to experience the wonder of our Creator’s awesome handiwork once again.

Have a great weekend, and may it include beauty in both nature and in The Word.