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Singing in the Car & “Doing” Camp!

  • July 17, 2013

Dear Friends,

My arrival in Maine on July 3 completed a circuit of 4,100 miles. After that many hours in the car, you should hear what a great soloist I have become, since it’s just me and the Lord in such a small space! I’m so thankful for His presence and protection as the miles have accumulated.

Many of you know how much I love camp ministry. I’ve been involved with Camp Good News (CEF) in Maine since 1980. Whenever I’m in the States during camp season, I enjoy the opportunity help out. Last week it was my privilege to be “the camp missionary” as well as the camp photographer, both tasks to which I am fairly well suited, by the Lord’s grace and only with His help. During “missionary moments,” I shared pictures of the work in Togo, along with some lessons from nature, using photos as examples.  And since every one loves a good story, the missions time included a daily segment from the biography of George Mueller, the famed man of prayer who oversaw the needs of over 10,000 orphans in Bristol, England, asking God alone to meet each day’s needs.

As the camp photographer, I enjoyed dropping in on activities such as riflery, archery, kayaking, and canoeing, adding a few photos to this summer’s growing image collection.

I’m now counting down towards the end of this “half-furlough,” as I’m calling it. I’ve visited seven of my supporting churches, and will look forward to updating the rest of them in 2015, the Lord willing. As my family and I consider separating soon, we can begin to look forward to 2015, knowing that the time goes quickly and we’ll be together again before too long.

My departure for Togo is set for August 16. My sister (who is on her way to Maine today & tomorrow) and I will be traveling to Tennessee next week, where I’ll pack three suitcases for the flight back. Please pray for grace and peace for our family, since saying goodbye never gets easier. Indeed, we’re all convinced it gets harder, but we know the Lord’s grace will get us through it.

Here’s one of my favorite photos from camp; Nathan is explaining why this great shot of his is not really a bull’s eye; it’s just outside of the black ring, and only gets 9 points, rather than 10 for a perfect bull’s eye. I really like archery, so it was fun watching the campers learn.


Nathan email

I’m thankful for you and your prayers!


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  • July 3, 2013

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